Psychologie en Pedagogische Wetenschappen

Where can I find CuDi PPW?

The course service can be found in AV 02.05 (Parkstraat 49).

I do not see my courses and therefore cannot reserve my books.

Make sure that you have marked all courses in your profile. Perhaps you only selected the courses of the first semester at the start of the academic year. So don't forget to indicate the courses of the second semester. If you still have problems, please compare the course code of the course.

How do I reserve a course / book?

First you have to register (top right corner). Here we ask for some information that we use in case we need to contact you. After your registration you will return to the home page of the site. Back in the right corner you have to log in. After that, a menu will appear stating 'Reserve courses'. From here the system will be self-explanatory.

My course is not available. Will it become available in the future?

Yes, these will be reordered. If you reserve the course / book, you will receive an email when it is back in stock.

I cannot reserve books / courses OR if I want to reserve books / courses, this will not appear on the list of my reservations.

Maybe your registration on the website is not completely correct. Log in again and view your data. You can then check your study program and then your courses. If these are in order, don't forget to press "Complete registration". Normally this should work.

My course has expired! What should I do now?

You simply have to reorder your course. Remember: your reservation will expire after two weeks!

I am not following the standard courses. How do I enter my courses?

First you have to log in at the top right. Then click on the man, back in the top right corner. Now a menu will appear. Click on your name there. Under the title 'Account' you have four options, one of which is 'courses'. If your course is not in the list, you can add it below.

What if I have specific questions about a course? Is it mandatory, ...?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer these questions, so it is best to go to the professor.

How do I know which books are available?

The books that are not on our site are not (yet) available. It is best to have a look at what the professor says about this in the introduction. Some books are only available through Acco.

What is the advantage of a membership card and where can I reserve it?

When you buy a membership card you get discounts on your books in the CuDi and on many other things. You can always ask us for more information. You can make a reservation on the website, but you can also ask for a card while picking up your books.

I cannot reserve a time slot

We are closed in the weekend and therefore the timeslots are also closed. If you cannot make a reservation during the week, this means that everything is full. New timeslots will appear on sunday 12:00.

I have not reserved a time slot. Can I still come and buy my books?

It is mandatory to reserve a time slot. If you do come by, you will be sent away by the steward.

I have reserved a time slot but cannot come at this time

Try to avoid this as much as possible. If you really can't, send us an email or message on messenger and we will give your place to someone else. This way everyone gets the chance to buy their books. After you contacted us you can reserve a new timeslot.

You can find the manual of our system in this link.

If the problem is still not solved, you can always contact us on our Facebook page "Cursusdienst PPW or send us an email ()"